Kidder’s Son – Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

There is something about The Magnificent Seven on show here, the music has nothing to do with gun-for-hire cowboys fighting off bandits, and there is no connection to Steve McQueen or Yul Brynner but it’s the impact produced by such a small number.

With a name like Rocket Soul Choir you would be forgiven for thinking this is a seven- or eight-piece band producing a wall of sound involving brass, rhythm and percussion but the whole ensemble is three people (with a pair of guest musicians popping up on individual tracks) and the end result holds up really well.

Centred around the song writing of Leslie Rich the songs are brought to life by fellow musicians Pete Boulger and – the superbly named – Atom Robinson and the tracks sound larger than they have any right to. The music sits somewhere in between country, pop and rock and it’s refreshing to hear a band giving their songs some oomph, the songs tackle subjects such as bravery, love, rejection and the once-bitten-twice-shy rule that comes with experience and the whole EP rattles along at a good solid pace taking in guitar riffs, drum processors and strong vocals. It almost feels like the songs are twenty five years too late, in another lifetime these songs should have been on heavy rotation on MTV rubbing shoulders with REM and Weezer but as it stands, for a debut EP, it acts as a solid taster for, hopefully, great things to come.

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