All music is driven by some sort of inspiration but rarely is it inspired by the patients that the artist works with via their day job as a medical practitioner. Even less expected is that such a song would take the form of an EDM track. But that is where we find Kenotic, a blistering clubland sound from William S. Baek’s second album, Humanity. I guess such is the modern world that as well as cultures creatively clashing and birthing new musical forms, so too professions and pastimes are able to form similarly creative symbiotic relationships.

And so Kenotic comes on like an Ibiza dance anthem, bubbling up and raising the tension levels before exploding into a euphoric experience, all cutting edge electronica and addictive beats, shimmering, liquid synth drives and hypnotic repetitions.

And such unexpected merging of roles just proves what a fascinating place the world has become. Forget ex-boy band members trying their hand at acting or celebrity chefs become TV presenters. Give me a world were neurologists are knocking out clubland future-classics, that’s the place that I want to call home. What next, astronauts hosting TV dance competitions? Librarians setting new land-speed records? Bring it on!

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