Just Like Whiskey – Todd Barrow (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

29214793_2152698534746534_5183155318653190144_nIf there is one form of music that seems best equipped to do the whole love and longing, nostalgia and wistful romance routine, country music seems to have all the tools to hand, and Todd Barrow’s latest release is the perfect proof. But of course the art of getting such songs right is walking that fine emotional line. Stray too far one way and you end up with something a bit too personal something that doesn’t necessarily speak to everyone, too far the other and you find yourself in cliche and pastiche. 

Thankfully Todd is the master of some fancy sonic and lyrical footwork and delivers a song which is romantic and reflective, with just the right amount of intimacy. It is a song that is both personal and yet ultimately relatable by anyone who has ever experienced that feeling of mild intoxication by just being close to someone you hold dear. Musically it is spacious and restrained which makes the lyrical message even stronger, framed by just the right musical motifs and clever attention to detail to delicately dress the song up but ultimately just allowing the lyrics to do their thing. And it is a thing they do with a combination of power and poise. Perfect.

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