Dance music comes in many forms, from the high octane clubland anthems to the chilled after hours wind down sounds and from the banal and throw away to the more engaging and thoughtful. Just Like that is certainly to be found in the more thoughtful, chilled region on that particular music map. Yes, it sits somewhere amongst the more trancelike and relaxed music that is played in the early hours of a club or at the point of a party when everyone has blown off most of their energy but it also has a lot more substance that the waspish and wafer-thin sounds that often pass for “chill-out music.”

It taps in to a older hippy vibe, blends psychedelic sonic threads through its danceable designs and the result is a track with style and substance, that has something to say…obviously it says it through beats and groovesome musical patterns rather than directly…and perhaps what it says is that music which falls into this more relaxed music bracket can still have integrity, depth and substance.

It’s an assured little number, just hypnotic enough to catch the mainstream but also progressive enough to mix up the moods and if you are looking for the sort of dance sound which you absorb more through musical osmosis rather than through the usual senses then this is the music for you. Not so much the sort of music which is used to wind the party down, rather than music which takes the party in a more interesting, more integral, more rewarding direction. Subversive without anyone ever realising. How great is that?

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