If you think that there are no knew ways to fuse different musical genres, that the cross-pollination of sounds has nothing new to offer, that genre-hopping has no more fences to leap or styles to merge, then a quick listen to I Am The Sun, Brooke Benson’s single from the EP of the same name, will put such notions to bed. 

Coming on like a folk standard, all mellifluous violin lines and tribal beats, it soon heads off down some unexpected musical paths. Essentially melodic poetry set to music, it employs hip-hop rhythms, jazzy undertones, soulful vibes as well as the rootsy elements that the opening suggested.

It also employs some very elemental, not to mention universal,  lyrical themes, metaphysical examinations of the underlying connections that bind everyone to each other, to the earth and to the universe in wonderfully fluid quantum poetry. Is that a thing? If not it should be and if it indeed is then this is the template for quantum poetry set to music gathered from all quarters of the human artistic story.

I guess some music is about small things, kitchen-sink dramas, tiny, transient vignettes from peoples lives. I Am The Sun  feels like the total opposite of that.

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