And so it begins, the Halloween confectionary not yet all eaten, and the first Christmas song has landed in the review pile. But then, Christmas always starts earlier in the music world, and at least it starts with a decent tune.

The late, great Walter Rossi brings us something out of the rock ‘n’ roll playbook: guitars talk, pianos serenade, basses pulse, and drums pound, and Walter’s rock and soul voice entwines perfectly with Kyla Lynn Vezina’s graceful and harmonious tones.

I know that before long I will be subjected to a deluge of mumbling rappers, over-earnest troubadours, and rockers who are not as funny as they think they are, all looking to cash in on the season. But until that happens, at least things have kicked off in fine style. Jingle Jangle is, at least for now, the one to beat. I suspect I could get through the whole holiday season and still say the same.

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