a0757221983_10At a time when music is recorded as disconnected musical fragments which are then meticuluously put together to a perfect set of rules, it is great to come across musicians who are brave enough to return to basics, stick a microphone in a room and capture things just as they happen, the players and tube amps, drum machines and creaking chairs, shuffling feet, feedback, fuzz and everything in between. Recording as god intended! What was originally going to be a free give away to underground press and like minded musical souls, fans and friends excited those awfully nice chaps at Annibale Records so much that the end result actually became a fully paid up CD release.

This self titled e.p. delivers 6 songs which ricochette between cavernous blues and the dissonance, noise and atonality of the New York no-wave scene, it is primal, visceral and dangerous, it snarls and seethes, bullys and bruises….this is not music that you would want to find yourself stuck in a dark alley with.

It resonats with echoes of The Gun Club minus their rockabilly back beat but shares the same ritualistic voodoo vibes of their deranged world, the rythmns are relentless, the riffs open wounds and the words threatening and the whole thing feels like a dark and groovy punch in the face. Sometimes you just want to be used, knocked down and threatened just to feel the adreneline rush take over, J.D. Hangover are the musical equivelant of that illicit thrill.

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