After The Storm –  Ava (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

artworkIf dream-pop seems a nostalgic and cultish notion which has long ago had its day in the post-punk sun and pop proper is a form too concerned with playing to the gallery and making music with the widest appeal, the more switched on modern artists have realised that you can take the integrity of the former and the commerciality of the latter to make music which is the best of both worlds. It is a sound which Ava does better than many.

Her blend of modern pop electronica, brooding undertones, raw and glitchy sonics and fantastic dynamic payoffs coupled with an easy accessibility and a fresh and vibrant modern vibe is exactly why this futurist pop revival is producing some of the most rewarding music of the moment without having to compromise cult appeal for commercial potential. Don’t you just wish you’d have thought of that?

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