Inception of Love – Brie Pearce (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although pop music, in all its forms, comes in myriad different styles and sounds, there isn’t a lot you can do that really brings something new to it. Not really. Long ago it found its perfect style and structure and most music adheres to that same template to some degree or another. What you can do, as Brie Pearce does on Get High, is radically change the sound palette you play with.

This opening salvo runs on a slow, R&B meets EDM groove but the melody and mood is set by strange clattering waves of sound, onces which shouldn’t appeal, but do, immensely, especially when threaded through and swathed in sweeter sonics.

Cigarettes is a more conventional modern blend of soulful, alternative dance and understated pop, skittering along on an electronic groove and wandering between confident raps and effected yet smooth vocals. Love Letter rounds things off, a reflective confessional which again vocally ebbs and flows between the street-corner and the nightclub.

Evolution is about changing one small thing at a time in an ongoing quest for the new. And that is what is going on here. Much is familiar, soothing, within the comfort zone, but it is the fact that there is also plenty that is breaking new ground which makes this compact and bijou EP both charming and relevant.

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