All The Things I’m Made Of – Léanie Kaleido (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Proof that it isn’t how much you put into a song but rather how much of yourself you put in which makes a song compelling, All The Things I’m Made Of is a thing of simple beauty. Instead of employing studio tricks and sonic gimmicks to catch the listeners ear, this is the sound of piano and vocals being gently cocooned in understated strings and little else.

But more than the music, which is both deft and delicate, it is Léanie Kaleido herself which seems to be the focal point. Between the gorgeous vocals and chiming piano, the intimate lyrics and the heartfelt honesty, you feel as if we have known her forever as she unburdens her innermost thoughts and shares her secrets with you.

This gem of a song seems to exit at the end of a long line of iconic artists from Carol King to Kate Bush to Tori Amos to Bat For Lashes, all artists who have always been happiest when they were subverting popular expectation whilst making music which really changed the course of musical history. I have no doubt that we will be saying something similar about Léanie Kaleido in the not to distant future.

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