11054317_828455523891605_4967753728330510648_nMost discussions about Imaginary People tend to centre on Dylan Von Wagner’s extraordinary voice, its wonderful vibrato, its crooner-ish qualities and tremulous, old-school resonances. Get beyond that and you find an album that struts and swaggers with rock grooves whilst being tempered with subtle synth platitudes, one that mixes retro references with modernist musicality.


Within that gamut they manage to cover a lot of distance, moving from effortlessly sun-kissed vibes that belie their New York origins to urban and urbane outpourings that nicely reinforce them. They know how to rock out with the best of them but do so in a considered and eloquent way and when they take their foot off the gas slightly they still manage to deliver wonderfully textured, shimmering songs that just ooze cool.


It’s difficult to say weather they are backwards glancing or ahead of the curve, probably both, possibly neither, maybe they don’t even know that the curve exists which would explain their timeless qualities and genre hopping musical proclivities.


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