R-7690077-1446809315-8352.pngListening to Butterfly Child takes me back to the first time I heard those arch-dream weavers Mercury Rev all those years ago. Joe Cassidy may not have put out much music since the nineties but this new album not only continues where his earlier work left off, it pushes the quest for the perfect dream-pop sound to even greater achievements. And like the aforementioned Buffalo musical fantasists, Butterfly Child’s return to the arena is a wonderful weave of luminous musical properties, lush sonorous harmonies and celestial lullabies.


Music box melodies and a woozy, almost narcotic backdrop are the perfect structure to hang such rich and emotive vocals, ones that sound like an even more spaced out Beach Boys, slowed down and blissed out and the result is a future classic of the dream-pop canon. And to push the MR comparison even further, is this Butterfly Child’s Deserters Song moment. I think it may well be.

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