I’m Changed – Julius LORDSONG PROJECT ft. Christian Johnson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although I’m Changed is ultimately about seeing the light, changing your ways and being reborn in a Christian tradition, its message is applicable to everyone. Whether it is through faith or some other catalyst that you manage to make the changes in your life, the idea that we can all be a better version of ourselves is at the core of the human condition.

And of course a musical message is only effective if people pick up on it and the smart thing here is that the musical vehicle which acts as the delivery system, is an infectious and thoroughly modern pop-gospel groove. How better to make your point than to hook people with the infectious nature of the music so that the message is almost received by osmosis? Move to the music and let the words wash over you.

Ultimately it is a song about redemption. Of how finding faith can be the change that you need in your life. Cleverly, although Julius is clearly out to spread the word, the song never seems to preach or persuade rather just suggests, share and offer help. And if the message is not for you, then you still have a cool and addictive song to enjoy and a rather neat video too.

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