Laszlo’s formative years, growing up in an environment where listening to rock music was highly disapproved of, might not have suggested that he would go on to carve out a career as a musician. Listening to First Day of Summer it sounds like it is a role he was born for. It is a song which shows that he knows just which elements to select from each genre to produced the best of all sonic worlds. A touch of pop sensibility to provide the catch, some rock weight to drive things along and just a touch of alternative, indie swagger to keep things cool and credible.

As always it is that ability to appeal to mainstream tastes as well as the more fringe music buying set, to sound both familiar in your pop-rock groove yet offer a unique and fresh take on the genre, which makes things work. Maybe Laszlo has something to prove after such a difficult beginning, maybe he is just a natural songwriter, especially when it comes to songs dripping with mass appeal. What ever the reason, First Day of Summer and its perky, celebratory, love-soaked sentiments, deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible.

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