Il Traguardo – Gianluca Corrao (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Writing about music in a language other than the one I am fluent in is an interesting process. Without the direct communication of the lyrics you have to let the music do the talking which might seem like a more difficult process but which can actually feel more honest, subtler and more pure process. After all how many times have you heard someone say that “the music speaks to me’” well, in this case that is pretty much all I have to rely on. That and a very narrative driven video.

My very basic knowledge of Italian tells me that the title means “goal” or “aim” but apart from that it is all about the power of the music on the listener, which is as it should be. It’s a song built on drama and dynamics, even without the communication that language imparts the vocals are still compelling, moving from soft waves to big crescendos to create such wonderful contrasts. Il Traguardo gentley sweeps with classical grandure when it needs to and punches with heightened ferocity when required. It is a pop song, of sorts, but nothing like the throw away, dance routine driven, dross that generally clogs up the charts. This is pop Mediterranean style, full of passion, grace, subtlety, style and soulfulness. Or put simply, it is gorgeous.

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