Animal Soul –  Joemayk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

With just enough touches of mainstream Americana and heartland rock to make the song already sound like a classic cut from your old record collection, Animal Soul is a soulful yet wonderfully driven slice of rock. The sort of rock that eschews foot on the monitor antics and other such cliches and instead takes a lesson from acts such as Tom Petty and John Mellencamp about how you weave pop accessibility through heavier musical urges. It’s a lesson that many acts today could do with learning as the result of such attention to detail is that Animal Soul is a cool customer indeed.

Just enough rock guitar to keep things in more mature territory but not so much that it falls for the traps and sounds dated. Infectious enough that the pop set with dig its easy grooves and easy on ear vocal deliveries, soulful and spacious, running on a bluesy motor but avoiding the dark places that those musical vehicles usually have as final destinations, Joemayk certainly knows a thing or two about songwriting. A classic sound for a future music scene. How cool is that?

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