If You Care – Heavy AmericA (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

With its almost ballad-like point of sonic embarkation, it is easy to think that you may have somehow cued up the wrong song…or what ever the digital equivalent might be. Experience has taught us that Heavy AmericA are masters of low-slung, howling, growling, riffed up and rocked out music, so where is the grunt, the grind …the groove? Give it a minute and you find out. Ahh…there it is.

What’s neat about If You Care is that this time out the Boston trio have blended their trademark alt-rock onslaught with some supple sonic moves, subtle lows to match their soaring highs. And it is such deft use of sonic punctuation which propels the more driven moments of the music to have an even more powerful effect. It’s a bit like being able to jump further because you have taken a longer run up…or something.

And the result is wonderfully effective. A splicing of the familiarity of classic rock riffs, with alt-rock swagger and a slight meander into prog-rock song structure which sets the track apart from the usual tried and tested rock forms. And lyrically it has a depth not usually associated with the run of the mill, foot on the monitor rawk and rooool. Here the band take a look at the set backs and challenges that we all face in life and remind us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, there is always a hand being offered to help us get back on track.

It is a sentiment that is perhaps more important than it has ever been. The world is a dark and divided place but all you have to do is call for help and lean on each other for support and you will get through. Trust them, they’ve got your back.


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