Ar Ker – Seb Brun (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

This music is right on message for me. It sits squarely on the intersect between science and art. It is both mathematical and spiritual in equal measure. It invites the listener to think about self and art and the nature of self and the nature of art.

It is simultaneously both world music and otherworldly. The journey being carried along by a simple tone or stripped back rhythm that allows the vocal to become pure incantation. There is something shamanic about this and it is definitely not contrived. However, don’t get too comfortable.

The work begins quietly and finds a rhythm and a pace without urgency. However, as the time passes the layering becomes more visceral and potentially unnerving. There is a sense of being drawn into a world of chaos. This draws parallels with the scientific property of entropy where the physical nature of everything journeys from order to chaos or vice versa depending in your direction of travel.

I could see this being performed equally and with relevance in a leftfield 1980s festival tent, a remote jungle clearing, an unfurnished bleached white room in Shoreditch, an ancient bronze age burial chamber or the Royal Festival Hall. It is a piece that would stand up equally as a live performance or an art installation.

Equally worth a listen through both room-scale speakers and headphones to appreciate the different internal and external listening experiences.

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