I Was A Portrait  –  stop.drop.rewind (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

stopdroprewind.pngSweet spot music, that’s what this is! Yes, it has many other labels applied by journalists only slightly lazier than myself, power-pop, pop-rock, alt-pop, whatever but labels are very subjective so better to consider what the music is rather than merely what we are going to pigeon-hole it. Sweet spot because I Was A Portrait sits at a wonderful point where the accessible meets the discerning, rock muscle meets pop addiction, where rawness is tempered by melody, familiarity is balanced by inventiveness. Rock music devoid of the usual cliche, pop music with a new set of teeth.

This first single from the forthcoming Element and Aftermath is that great polymath song, it doesn’t come with the bombastic baggage and cliche of the rock set but delivers a sound powerful enough to take your head clean off. Unexpected for sure. Pop was never this intimidating and rock was never this smart…looks like a third option is back on the menu.

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