Darkness  – RaR ft. Elizabeth Robinson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

RaR2_previewThis may be the sort of music that the likes of David Guetta can write in his sleep, but sadly, more often than not David Guetta sounds like he is writing in his sleep. Maybe it is time for him to move on and hand the euphoric dance floor torch to the next generation and on the strength of Darkness it sounds like RaR already have one hand firmly on it. This Sydney duo, Raymo and Rich, hence the name, create discerning Ayia Napa style EDM, euphoric and dynamic clubland cuts which, whilst built on fairly straight forward lines, is a mix of old school familiarity and a new wave of energy that is not only keeping the scene alive but seeing it thrive once more.

Solid beats are the main platform onto which they hang glorious synth upswells and a hypnotic and effervescently relentless drive but the secret weapon, as is often the case with such creations, is the vocal icing on the electronic cake. Elizabeth Robinson is truly breathtaking here, an almost classical voice is quickly subsumed into the heady world of dance culture and the result is a glorious roller coaster ride of shimmering highs and subtle breakdowns, glittering crescendos and supple deliveries and it is these elements which move the song way ahead of the pack.

It wanders between the now and the near future, both recognisable and exploratory, a blend of the slick dance floor sounds of past and present and helping to push the electronic boundaries into fascinating new forward thinking techno-concoctions. And that is always the place at which  EDM finds itself, constantly tumbling forward into new possibilities, never staying still long enough to sound dated or retro, a punk ethic in a digital age. The genre is nothing if not an endless quest for a new vision of itself, whilst of course achieving the ultimate goal of having a great time whilst doing so. Not only is RaR at the front of this trail blazing expedition, you can’t tell me that they are not having a blast along the way!

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