I Want a Puppy – The Jolly Pops (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Okay, I’m confused! So it’s an out and out classic rock sound but the subject and video sit at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. Hang on, better read the brief properly. Right, it all makes sense now. The Jolly Pops are a band who specialise in children entertainment and I Want A Puppy is not just a catchy little song that pits hard rocking music against that constant refrain guaranteed to spark arguments between parents and children, it is a neat way of highlighting the plight of dogs looking to be properly homed.

So, they wrote a song, invited a whole bunch of dogs from a nearby shelter, threw in a whole pack of over excitable kids and filmed the result. And once you get your head around those strange collisions of worlds, what you end up with is actually great. It’s fun, frivolous, infectious as hell, and wonderfully original. Juxtaposition, thy name is Jolly Pops.

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