I Choose You – Christo Biewenga (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Combining the timeless hallmarks of pop with the most up to date vibes, this chilled track is the perfect sound for the modern music market. Pitched at creating something that would be the perfect “first dance at weddings” it does all that and more. A collection of lush vocal tones, delicate, lilting music and a spacious and drifting dynamic, this ode to romance certainly satisfies that brief but its effortless qualities and gentle infectiousness also make it a sure thing with today’s pop-pickers and so it stands a good chance of finding its way into some prominent chart positions. It also feels as if it was written as the play out music for a Hollywood film score, such is the power of great songwriting that the potential seems endless.

And as always what makes a song stand out against its contemporaries is not so much what you can see taking place but its less easily definable qualities, the breath between the words and the fading echo between the notes. And here there is something less than tangible that hangs above, something that seems to come from a more artistic place and is perhaps akin to how a watercolour artist uses the paper as part of the finished painting rather than seeking to fill every space with brush strokes and pigment. But more than anything it is Christo’s voice that is the most instantly memorable facet when you encounter the song, a combination of a clear and confident delivery and something more sensual, more soothing, warm and inviting.

Add to that a great video, stylish black and white and the beguiling moves of Sven-Eric Müller’s fluid dance between the more standard performance shots and you have the complete picture. In fact it is hard to think of what Christo has left out and I would go as far as to say if you are looking to get into the pop game and are wondering how you get noticed amongst all of the competitors, I would suggest you look at what has been put together here and use that as your guiding template. Perfect, or pretty much close to it.

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