I Think I Saw You on the Street – MARBL (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

See, this is exactly what I have been talking about for years. Folk music and indie music make the perfect match, the deft and delicate delivery of the former and the cool and polished sound of the latter make an exquisite musical hook up. But a practical on too. If folk is going to stay relevant and Indie music interesting such musical marriages are essential. But this is no clumsy marriage of convenience, I Think I Saw You on the Street is the gorgeous off-spring of two good looking generic parents – the practical and solid folk father, the gracious and the charming hipster mother.

Like Laura Marling before them, this duo make accessible and enchanting music, and I Think I Saw You on the Street is not only filled with musical grace and makes for a wonderful showcase for Moria Or’s pop-classical vocals, it is also woven through with poignancy and reflection. Alongside the picked guitars and entrancing voices just enough electronic shimmer, simple beat and harmonies frame the song and although I admit that I am a late-comer to their wonderful sonic world, it is a place I look forward to exploring almost immediately. And so should you….

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