Can It Wait? –  Ignacio Peña (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The joy of Ignacio Peña’s music is exploring the layering and depth of the messages involved. As an audio blast, the lyrics may be open to interpretation, even having meaning beyond the idea of social commentary that sits at the heart of the album Songs For the Fall of an Empire. But encounter the music with the accompanying video and the songs leave little doubt as to the subject matter that it is being discussed. Not only are there documentary images threaded through the live band footage, there are poignant  soundbites scrolling through the proceedings, quotes and important facts to really drive the point home.

Can It Wait? explores the profitability of modern war, from the partitions and power grabs that followed the First World War to the unabashed money made through arms sales and exploitation of The Second. It offers a, not too unreasonable theory, that wars are fought to put money in the pockets of corporations, organisation and political groups. It is hard to argue that war doesn’t make many people very rich and perhaps those who gain to benefit most transcend having to take sides and instead sit above it all pulling strings and making their puppets dance to the sound of the guns whilst those below believe they are calling the shots. Pun intended!

Musically we are back in the territory that is familiar to those who have followed the progress of the releases that make up this album so far. A punchy and powerful alt-rock sound, one that is built through subtle threads, soft interludes and clever dynamics. But you weave enough of these layers together and of course you build power and purpose. But rather than creating the effect by merely resorting to volume and weight, Can It Wait? lands its blow in much more clever ways and the result is like having a stack of history books falling on you from a great height.

Some may see the ideas that Peña delivers as being on the fringe of conspiracy theory. I see them as being conveniently hidden historical fact being opened for debate. After all, educate the masses with the version of history that best serves your needs and the people will do your bidding, even if they don’t realise that they are falling into line. This then, is very inflammatory material indeed.

The official video will be available in a few weeks but the attached lyric video will give you plenty to contemplate until that comes along.


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