securedownloadI continue to wonder why  people put up with pop music that is based on bland, superficial, gratuitous images and disposable, vacuous,  empty musical content when there is music such as Sara’s in existence. Pop does not have to be a dirty word, it can be as beautiful, evocative and thoughtful as any other genre and I Find You is all the proof you could need.

 Watch the Video Here

Based on chilled, twilight vibes, a flutter of minimal beats and an ambient dance pulse the song connects with the listener in a very subliminal way. No big dynamics, no brazen tricks just a hypnotic sound that seems to be almost organic, like a shared heartbeat or the sound of the earth stirring beneath your feet. The joy of the songs comes from those little details that pass almost unnoticed, a distant wash of synths, the occidental flurry of upward spiralling notes, the warm and subtle vocals.


It is pop music that is the natural successor to Bat For Lashes in its east meets west sound clash and to Kate Bush in its dream pop ethereality. If this is the start of a new pop-musical revolution, long overdue in my opinion, then the genre has quite possibly found its rallying point.

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