10374969_826169257396016_1648736326126085604_nSometimes songs are easily pigeonholed, hemmed in by a band referencing just a bit too deeply their musical loves and influences. Other times songs seem to have the ability to exist in the past, the present and the future, something that should ensure if not quite timeless appeal, at least a certain longevity. Control seems to fall into the latter category, mixing elements found in eighties post-punk, nineties garage pop and yet fully conversant with the sound of the now and near future. To start with a 12-string Rickenbacker just screams retro cool and immediately evokes a host of names from George Harrison and Tom Petty to Jeff Buckley, Johnny Marr and Richard Hawley and it is put to good use switching between hypnotic, shimmering riffs and sumptuous full chord grandeur.

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Add to that a slightly funky off beat, soaring vocals and an latent infectiousness  that is quickly established even before the short, sharp yet majestic guitar solo drives the song to its spiralling crescendo, finally leaving you bruised and broken on the dance floor as the song fades into the night. It has so many qualities that will appeal to the record buying masses. Pop fans will love its immediacy and rock fans will idolise its awareness of post-punk tradition. But more than that it is a great song, accessible, infectious yet solid and memorable. You don’t stumble across songs like this everyday.

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