Timeless is a phrased much over-used by lazy journalists trying to associate some sort of pathos or hyperbole with the piece of music that they have under their pen. I should know, I am one. But timeless is the word that I am going to reach for to sum up this gorgeous ep from Ena Fay.

Sonically, it seems to be genreless, or at least genre unaware and it’s certainly not tied to any of the fads and fashions which seem to blow through the music scene. Instead Ena Fay finds her sonic tools and materials in more classical leanings, cocktail jazz vibes, bluesy undercurrents and a sort of minimalist chamber pop creative process.

Lyrically too, timeless is the right word as her touching torch songs and emotional sentiments get to the heart of one of the main reasons that we make music at all. To communicate how you feel, to connect with like-minded souls, to reassure them that they are not alone. A process that has been going on for millenia.

I Can Feel It, Too is essentially a collection of singles, three of which, August, Tie My Hands and Because I Care, have already been sent out for public consumption and have been deemed to have more than made the grade. Two of which are spacious and understated and August proving to be the perfect pop single, deep and meaningful, accessible and infections, beautiful and beat-driven.

Of the new music, How Can I is dramatic and deliberate, full of dynamic ebbs and flows, slightly brooding and intense and Mine is soulful and sultry, a place where the spirit of the soul diva meets classical composure.

And that is what is so great about Ena Fay’s vocals, they span genres and generations, feel fresh yet seem familiar and they dance atop songs loaded with both grace and groove. There is probably a word to sum up such sound, ah yes…timeless.

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