Introspective, ethereal musings provide a framework on which the lyrics hang throughout this record.

Beautiful arrangements abound and provide the perfect support for a sweet vocal delivery that always finds the right time to strain and almost break. This is a classy emotional rendering that transcends the language barrier that I was often handicapped by. It doesn’t matter though.

The musical arrangements are varied and compelling throughout. I’m not sure how these compositions were played or recorded and I am not aware of any collaborations. Anyways, it really matters not. It all works and the whole package is complete ear joy from start to finish.

Musically this recording is genre-neutral although fleeting moments fuse jazz and electronica.

If I were to be pushed to pigeonhole this music I would say it falls into the genre of Elektronisches Geschichtenerzählen. OK so I just made that up but it sounds OK.

If you like the sounds of Lydia Lunch, Lætitia Sadier, Suzanne Vega, Jane Weaver or Harriet Wheeler you will love everything about this.

This is my favourite thing I’ve written about this year.

A masterpiece. Everyone should have a little bit of Gina Été in their collection.

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