Dance driven R&B is a busy section of the virtual music shop these days and as such it takes a lot to stand out from the white noise of the pack. Like much music found in the mainstream market, there is a tendency to merely copy what has already proven to work and hope that the PR company is able to actually get it over the line. It is much rarer to find an artist brave enough to offer something that stands apart from the pack, moves away from the tried and tested moves and grooves and hopes that the audience come to them, rather than just offering up more of the same in an effort to be liked. Style over substance, particularly copied style, is never the way forward.

Home is the sound of an artist asking the audience to trust them, to follow them to a more interesting place, a more musically diverse, fresh and exciting place at that. The song certainly dances its way through solid R&B territory but it is the other genres it plays with that make it really stand out. It plays with Afro-beat grooves, it subverts the beat with drop downs and more minimalist interludes, it laces tribal rhythms through warped futuristic electronica, shimmers with 90’s club vibes…in fact it is so genre-hopping that it almost needs a generic label all of its own. Or we could just say that this is the sound of uptown, club culture running headlong into the future. All you have to ask yourself is this. Are you staying where you are or running along with it?

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