Chasing Ghosts, the opening salvo and first single from Ben’s debut release, is the sort of song that you feel as if you have heard it before. Not because it sounds like something someway apart from the current pop canon but because its clean, R&B-infused, musical lines and unfussy nature already make it sound like a long lost piece of underground pop history. It fuses effortless, contemporary chart bound sounds with some slight 90’s touches, in a timeless rather than a nostalgic way and the whole thing feels perfect for the modern pop picker.

But one single does not a pop star make and often it is the nature of the music that such a single calls its travelling companions which says more about the artist than the chosen calling card. Thankfully, Cross Fire, which follows, shows that this isn’t a front loaded e.p and its slinky charms and danceable grooves show that Ben is a deft song writer indeed. Oh Love fuses shimmering pop with slight reggaetronic beats whilst Love For The Sake of Love which closes this first outing, is just as much a potential single as the opening number.

Debut releases can be tricky affairs to get right, it is the thing that forms most peoples first impressions, something that will carry so much weight that you will often be judged on it for years to come. Benjamin Doncom has nothing to worry about on that score as this e.p. is a masterful musical hello to the world at large.

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