Following on from the success of recent collaborations with Kroissenbrunner, here Jamit teams up with another artist whose name takes me at least four attempts to type, to bring various additional sonic goodness to his already fascinating musical explorations. Holy Prophet Elijah is the usual blend of off kilter EDM and mercurial, left-field sonic references. The vocals sit in their usual half-lost, otherworldly voice-as-instrument place and the track drives on strange, primal croaking synth,  skittering grooves and an unfussy but unambiguous beat.

As always this hypnotic and slightly chilled piece reminds us that you don’t have to follow the pack, that the mainstream, clubland sound is only one small option. It may be the one that offers the fastest or more likely route to popularity, fame, money and the like but thankfully, Jamit doesn’t fall for those false charms and instead makes the music that comes naturally to him. And whilst, for now at least, it is music that sees him appealing to a relatively small sector of the music market, it is in such endeavours that the future lies and so Holy Prophet Elijah, like all of his work, can be seen as part of a primordial musical soup seeking to create new life and send us down new evolutionary creative pathways.

After all, it isn’t always about profit! (Gedit?)


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