Higher Love – Spring 84 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can be a powerful tool, we all know that, it can be used to talk about, promote, question, celebrate and explore everything from the darkest lows to the most euphoric highs, from the universal to the most intimate, from the frivolous to the most poignant. But there is, arguably, no greater theme to explore than love. And that is what we find Spring 84 doing via her new album, the aptly titled Higher Love.

It is an album about love, yes, but so much more too. It is about healthy relationships and romance, intimacy and respect. And if the theme of the album is about a swirl of related lyrical ideas, musically it explores more than a few connected sonic territories too.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, it bases itself in the same mainstream pop territory but quickly wanders beyond such strict boundaries too. Never Never explores some breathy, alt-disco via contemporary dance floor cool, Body Is So So So is latin-groove infused R&B and Your Love Is So Good a slice of modern pop perfection.

In a world were dark clouds seem to be gathering everywhere we look, it is great to come across an album, and an artist, driven by such positivity. Perhaps if more people dwelled on the things which bring us joy, the things that we take too much for granted, then the world would automatically seem a happier place to live in. Higher Love is the perfect place to start.

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