Brag About – The Haunt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music tends to spend so much time looking back that it all too often forgets to look forward. Occasionally, you catch a glimpse of future pop potential or the shape of rock to come but generally artists are so enamoured with the past, classic sounds, familiar icons and the safety net that copying such styles provides that they forget that things need to move on. Things have to move on! But take a closer look in the cracks between the conformity and comfort zones of the current zeitgeists, beyond the fads and fashions and you can sometimes find some interesting sonic gems made by bands looking to the future rather than revelling in what has gone before. Songs like Brag About. Bands like The Haunt.

And the great thing about Brag About is the fine line that The Haunt walks between power and poise, rock energy and pop infectiousness, familiarity and fresh-faced forward thinking. Structurally it prowls around pop-rock soundscapes, not too crazy that it gets lost in its own creativity but also wild enough to give you an unforgettable experience, proving that rules aren’t actually made to be broken and you can achieve so much more by merely bending them into ambitious and evocative new shapes. More than that it has attitude, sass and swagger.

And all this tight-rope walking between then and now, the familiar and the new, pop grace and rock grunt, the anthemic and the elegant, is what marks out The Haunt in general and Brag About in particular as standard-bearers for a new sound wave and a modern musical vision. Rock ain’t dead, it just needed a long hard talk with itself. Pop  still has fire, it just needed someone to add fresh fuel. Indie music needed to stop looking in the mirror and falling in love with its own image, it just needed to remember why it got into this in the first place. Brag About is nothing less than an alt-rock assault on mainstream music.

About time if you ask me? Which, as you are reading this review, you kinda did!

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