24131053_1854569074572207_7594776925912384490_nCanadian – Ukrainian duo Ummagma have just launched a crowdfunding campaign for their next original album on vinyl and CD on Indiegogo. Their’s is an eclectic yet harmonious potpourri of sublime resonance, beats and rhythm, with McLarnon’s delicate airy gossamer-like vocals  often compared to Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins) with glimmers of Stereolab, The Sundays, Lush, Curve, Nathalie Merchant and Slowdive. Kretov’s spellbinding potion of guitar, vocals, synths, beats, programming & effects create impeccable soundscapes with elements of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Bill Nelson and Brian Eno to help the listener take flight.

Their music is always evolving, never staying too long in one place, an eternal quest for new musical landscapes, new sonic pastures, new sound textures and new creative horizons and their current position on the musical map can be found on their third, forthcoming album Compass.

“We’ve poured our souls and channeled our hopes and worldview into this release over five years. But it will take you only a few minutes to support this wonderful project! Please share our vision and journey. Pre-order our new album and access merch, experiences, updates and more.”

Please share this link via all your social media tools https://igg.me/at/ummagma so that they can can reach page 1 on #Indiegogo (your tweets, pledges and comments all boost Ummagma in their #GogoFactor algorhythm.)

Thank you for your time.




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