a2505097247_16Whilst it is pretty much impossible to find music which totally encapsulates America as an idea and an entity, by virtue of its size and diversity, cultural blends and creative explorations, there is some music which when heard makes you think of no other place. The bleak and emotive howls of early blues, wild eyed jazz ensembles, the heartland rock of the likes of Petty and Springsteen and the evocative roots music which is at the heart of Alpha Mule. This Californian duo take threads of country, bluegrass and blues, and even some genres which didn’t appear in CBGB’s infamous sign, such as folk and rock and perhaps creates an American music for the modern age. It does feels built from the very bedrock of the American dream so why not?

Banjos propel the song through drifting guitar landscapes and eerie sonic backdrops, and wraps it around a wonderfully dark edged vocal, the result being the product not so much the soundtrack of an America that was, more to an America as modern film-makers like to envisaged it and bordering on an alternative dystopian western scenario which would feel more at home coming from the pen of the likes of Steven King. But if you are looking for music which evokes a past but is very much about the here and now, then Alpha Mule are your go to guys.

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