Music serves many purposes. It can be deep and meaningful, rabble-rousing and rebellious, light and throwaway, entertaining and euphoric. It can capture our darkest fears and our most joyous hopes. And even if you are not that into music, when it comes to celebrations and anniversaries, even such people will sing along and get carried away with the good vibes and fun of the moment.

And in this last category, the latest release from Mary Opara firmly sits. A fun and infectious take on the birthday song, it exhibits all the hallmarks of such music. It is a sing-along track par excellence, is fun and full of life, hope and happiness. It is party pop at its finest, perfect for the occasion, sweet, celebratory and, above all, life-affirming. How can you not like it? 

As I said, music is made for various reasons, from the most earnest to the most fun, and even if you only break this tune out once a year, there is no more perfect song to celebrate the completion of another circle around the sun.

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