Omer B delivers yet another funky and upbeat instrumental track driven by his trademark blend of jazz, funk, and soundtrack vibes. Smooth Jazz often comes in for a lot of criticism from more elitist and earnest quarters, but when it is done right, the genre can hold its own against all-comers. Groovy Stairs is the sound of the genre being played to perfection.

The effortlessly funky bass and understated drums provide the platform onto which Omer B hangs all manner of smooth and scintillating sonics. Guitars alternate between soulful licks and seductive solos, piano notes offer up melodies or gently cascade through the spaces between, and there is even room for evocative intertwinings of trumpet and flute.

Perhaps the great thing about the song, or more properly, the musicians playing on it, is that even though they all get the chance to shine, moving between limelight moments and rhythmic accompaniment, knowing when to shine and when to just be part of a (damned good) band, never does it feel as if anyone is doing anything other than serving the song.

There is something wonderful about musicians who you know would be able to blow your mind with their skills but choose to focus instead on what the song needs. Virtuosity is never in doubt, but it is professionalism which wins the day. Shouldn’t that always be the case?

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