Got Em Throwin’ Dollars – Amir Beats (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This is a lesson about just how music works.

First of all you are confronted by a song about female gold diggers which has very few lyrics in the verses and lots of the title/chorus being repeated over and over again.Then you realise that the video looks like it has been made by the same people who are behind on-line games like The Sims. Then you stumble across the obvious, and quite unnecessary 18-rated references and it all seems like you’ve been here before, a long time ago. This is the era of the Me To movement and being “Woke” (whatever that means) haven’t we moved on from all of this?

And whilst you are considering these social and political factors, every time the chorus comes around, and it comes around a lot, you are humming along, then singing along, then tapping your feet, perhaps even considering downloading it. Then you realise that all of these media trappings, the vibe and the images are just a distraction and in a Trojan Horse move that the ancient greeks would have been proud of, the next thing you know the song has got passed your defences and is stuck in your head.

Beware of Beats bearing gifts, as they say!

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