Spirit Moves – Natori Blue (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a wonderful duality to the message in the latest song from Natori Blue. Those of faith will immediately pick up on the references surrounding the creation, the light of the world illuminating everything it passes over, banishing the darkness with truth and beauty. But it is a song whose message has a more current aspect too, as suggested as much by the accompanying video as the lyrics themselves. Images which seem to relate to recent protests, the renewed push for equal rights and the hardships and anxiety cause by the current pandemic give the lyrics a more human aspect to. That these dark times will result in a transition to a more enlightened time. We can only hope.

But which ever interpretation of the message is relevant to you, there is no denying that it is a powerful song. Taking stands from soul, pop and gospel, Spirit Moves blends sweet and soothing verses transitioning through gently rising dynamic and addition vocal textures into sky-scraping choruses, and does so to awesome effect.

The great thing about Spirit Moves is that it is relevant to everyone. It doesn’t go for the hard sell, lyrically speaking but rather offers hope and leaves the listener free to decide how they wish to interpret what drives such optimism, be it human endeavour or a higher power. But more than anything, it’s a great song, one which chimes with the sonics of the modern age but which also sits perfectly in a timeless gospel tradition.

Natori Blue is the epitome of the modern gospel singer, obviously the message is the driving point, the whole reason she is performing but the skill is also to move with the times. Here, she wonderfully acknowledges the musical traditions of her musical influences and chosen genre but the fact that she is so able to weave them through contemporary pop and soul vibes keeps them musically relevant as well as lyrically poignant. Never has a message been so wonderfully wrapped.

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