Fragments – Andrea Cinii (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Downbeat, chilled and delicate, Fragments is a track well named. There is a sparseness and understatement to its form which might perhaps suggest that it is just a fragment of a song, a work in progress or a sonic sketch to which more is yet to be added. But that is also its charm.

By using space as much as an instrument as the gentle beats and the distant, swirling sonics, Cinii creates plenty of room for atmospheres to pool and percolate, for anticipation to blossom, for the listener to fill in the blanks with their own imagined sounds.

It is well over the two-minute mark before Katia Mizzi’s dreamy and casual vocals join in, floating above the minimalist musical platform, sometimes lingering, sometimes beautifully flitting through on their way to some other sonic destination.

Fragments is an exercise is a space and suspense, musical economy and pace. But more than that, it is a gorgeous piece of gossamer dream-pop, and when has the world not been made a better place by the existence of such songs?

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