Proving that music is cyclical, as Fools kicks off you feel both transported into psychedelic past glories and hurtled into progressive futures at the same time. Groovus indeed, there is a gorgeous liquid quality to the swirling sonics which drive the song, no shortage of accessible rhythms, plenty of changing dynamics and a clever ebbing and flowing between drift and drama.

But this is no nostalgia fest, though it will prove to be a hit with those whose heads were turned by the first wave of prog and especially the neo-prog movement which it spawned a decade later, I’m sure. The bottom line is that this a great song, we can discuss its merits and methods, nature and specific sound ad infinitum, but when all is said and done that is where things start and end. It is simply a great song.

Progressive music, by its very title, should be forward-thinking, and whilst Hoovus Groovus certainly knows where progressive music has been, this is the sound of where it is going and that has to be a much more interesting prospect.

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