Opening with the beautiful Cross My Heart, this new EP from the wonderfully monikered Ranzel X Kendrick is a fine and understated affair, as we have come to expect. You can read about that first tracks soft and seductive sounds elsewhere but what follows it is equally as tasteful and masterful.

Economy is the name of the game here, more than the sound of just a guy with a guitar but not much more. It is the sonic mileage that he gets out of such a simple construct that is both a revelation to the listener and a masterclass to those musicians who opt for their studio tricks and gimmicks to make something interesting happen in their songs.

River of Love is brilliantly understated and Virtuous Women allows a wandering flute and some gentle percussion to take as much of the limelight as the guitar does, whilst he delivers a fantastic and dynamic vocal over the top.

Saving the best till last, Slow Dancing In The Rain, is gorgeously evocative in the picture that it paints, romantic, subtle and sensuous. The perfect way to round off this great new collection of songs.

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