Cross My Heart (ft. Rebecca White) – Ranzel X Kendrick (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You always know that you are going to get something chilled and melodic, full of grace and groove when a Ranzel X Kendrick record emerges from the review pile. But even within that understated country-folk place that he calls home, he wanders a lot of sonic miles, pushing at boundaries and finding new ways of threading his influences and inspirations together.

Cross My Heart is both familiar territory and also something totally new. It embraces you like an old friend, warm and welcoming, easy and effortless, but also offering some gorgeous blends of Spanish tones and island vibes, Latin beats and heightened harmonies. Never one to fill up the creative space with additional sounds just because he can, here Ranzel uses that room to frame exquisite Mediterranean guitar runs and emotive vocals, exotic beats and effortless groove.

It is the Ranzel X Kendrick that you know and love but it is more besides. It is heightened, more heavenly, more lilting and laid-back, more graceful and gorgeous, more…well, just more.

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