20767858_1896512097275304_63104279729618663_nMaking music is often a case of taking the references and influences from the past and moulding them into a new music sonic experience for a whole new generation. The familiarity of the old and the freshness of the present blended together to head towards a new and exciting future. And that certainly sums up Prym. They take grungy, alt-rock riffs, a classic rock stance and even some progressive infused structures to create that perfect blend of “I remember” and “what if!”

They are a band that deals in intensity, Corrin Cambell’s compelling vocals come from a very authentic and impassioned place, monolithic slabs of primordial guitars drive through the middle ground and the solid bass and back-beat create the perfect platform to hold it all together. And whilst their e.p. At First Light takes in a number of wonderfully anthemic, stadium ready alt-rockers with more than a possibility of a commercial crossover future, Flames and Games is the sound of the band laying down a wonderful challenge. It is the band at their toughest, darkest, grittiest, a statement as much about where they come from as where they might be heading.


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