20992853_205013046701661_7117829575301815228_nIf your first idea might be the most natural and honest point of creativity when it comes to song writing, it is how you sculpt, edit, re-write, arrange and polish the song which is the different between a nice idea and a memorable piece of music. No one typifies that approach better than Richard Schroder, a man who has spent the last two years turning rough demos into a slick new album with help and advice of some of Nashville’s leading lights.

Drivin’, the lead single form the album Drive, takes a blend of country sensibility and rock muscle to build a song which will not only please the Music City purists but which also has the infectiousness and sonic appeal that could see it tap into a much wider audience. And whilst it feels like very familiar territory, it also feels like a classic right from the first play through its simple but effective hooks, addictive chorus, clean but impressive guitar lines, rock driven urgency and groovesome country vibe. Attention to detail, it would seem, is the magic ingredient, but let’s just keep that between ourselves, no need to give away an artists secrets.

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