Kicking off with the title track, the listener is immediately greeted with a cool blend of cutting edge R&B and sassy urban pop, soulful vibes and one hell of a voice. And that is the perfect opening gambit as it preps the listener for the Ariee experience, one built on some cool, traditional genres as much as it is on of-the-moment adventurousness and digital exploration.

Sugar Daddy is as chart-worthy an R&B/pop crossover as you could hope to come across, a blend of upbeat energy and sensual soulful vocal deliveries. If this isn’t the club hit of the summer then there is something wrong in the world.

Glow, by contrast, is a sweet update on the soul diva traditional, taking the sass of the seventies, the gloss of the eighties and the attitude and production of the present day to create a fantastic and infectious track. The album ends on Hot ‘n’ Heavy which is nothing less than a beat-driven ticket to the future.

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