Inspiration comes from many diverse places and this is certainly never truer than when it comes to making music. The starting point for a song can range from a simple pang of love or a sunny day to the deepest personal reflections or secret wisdom found in ancient teachings.

It is to the latter, the deeper, more soul-searching and thoughtful end of the human experience that the eloquently named Rig Veda finds his inspirations and more particularly in the paintings of NYC artist Gosha Levotchkin.

Fire Fight is a 12 minute, slow-burning blend of electronic samples and jazz creativity, delicate hip-hop grooves and classical Indian music traditions. It takes in shimming sonics and brooding minimalism, spoken word deliveries and hypnotic and beguiling beat patterns. It evokes everyone from early Eno to Bowie’s majestic swansong of an album, it is adventurous and experimental, strange and wonderful.

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