F Up My Life – Wingman (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This latest scorching slice of alt-pop from Wingman works on many levels. Firstly, there is the fact that it is a song written during, and rooted in, the heart of the pandemic and so seeks to offer both a positive vibe and a distraction for everyone who is having a hard time dealing with recent events. Then there are the ideas of personal rebirth for the artist himself, that with the backdrop of both change and isolation impacting on everyone’s lives, now is a good time as any to draw a line under the past and start writing a new chapter for yourself.

And then lastly there is the song taken on its purely musical terms, a skittering slice of pop meets electronica meets rap meets dance. Lyrical dexterity and anthemic uplifts are the order of the day and the whole thing just oozes euphoria and modernity.

Whichever aspect of the song appeals to you, whichever message works for you, whatever vibe seems to fit your circumstances, it is safe to say that Wingman has delivered the perfect song for the world as we find it today.

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