Wow! That is one big slice of feel-good, optimistic, life-affirming pop. All too often, we are subjected to pop music which seems to be down on the world. They have lost their current squeeze. Shame, but we’ve all been there. Their world has come crashing down. And yet they had time to write, record, market and release a song about it! Everyone is getting on my case. You don’t need to put it to music. You just have a bad case of the grow-the-hell-ups.

If pop music serves any noble purpose, and you can argue that it does, it is perhaps to make the world a better place. Better as in happier, more carefree, more fun, less stressful, even if just for the duration of the song.

Feeling Good, the latest one from Indecent Proposal is all those things and more. I defy anyone to listen to this breezy slice of the poppiest of pop and emerge the other side not feeling better for themself. This song should be available free of charge over the counter for anyone feeling down. Medicinal pop, it’s now a thing!

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