In music, like with life, often the simple things are the most difficult to do, and doing them simple well is near impossible. Music is often hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of layers upon layers of various production tricks so it’s somewhat refreshing to hear a song that is little more than a singer, a piano, a brushed drum kit and sharp-as-a-tack lyrics.

This is exactly what Nicky Schrire has done with her lead single from her upcoming album ‘Nowhere Girl’, and it’s a little masterpiece.There is more than a hint of Andrew Lloyd Webber about the song, the melody is beautiful with bitter-sweet lyrics straight from the songbook of Burt Bacharach and delivered with a beautiful, soothing voice that pulls you into a world of sunshine (and rainclouds).

Like I said, simple is difficult, but this is a song from the heart, oozing with the thought that there is definitely a story or two behind the sentiment, and it’s performed with such skill that you’re immediately engaged.

Search this song out, if this is a taster of what to expect when the album drops in June, this could be someone to really keep an eye on.

An absolute gem of a song.

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